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Americas Quarterly is the publication of The Americas Society. It covers politics, business, and culture in Latin America through a print and online platform. You can find my published work here.

Enfrentando a Maduro: el nuevo plan de la oposición venezolana (In English here)

Startups from Brazil to Mexico Are Giving Banks a Run for Their Money

AQ Top 5 Young Entrepreneurs: Jimena Flórez (Article published in print issue Young Entrepreneurs with subject featured in the cover)

How Can Latin America Keep Its Entrepreneurs At Home? (Article published in print issue: Young Entrepreneurs)

AQ Top 5 Politicians Under 40: Patricia de Ceballos (Article published in print issue: Fixing Brazil


How a Venezuelan Playwright Conquered Broadway

farcAs Colombia Votes On Peace, Child Soldiers Struggle To Adapt

ELEICOES 2013 NA VENEZUELAChávez Yes, Maduro No: The Growing Split In Venezuela

1septHow Sept. 1 Could Be The Beginning Of The End Of Maduro’s Rule

social-networksVenezuela’s Life Saving Social Networks

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